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Many of you will have noticed that job opportunities for mature, experienced people are diminishing. Most of us are not retiring. Around 57% of 50-59 year olds are forced out of their jobs. The reason is likely to be too many birthdays, rather than anything else.

Yet, while your former employer might think you’re too old to embrace change, the irony is that over-50s are the new business start-up generation. Around 14,000 of us have set up our own businesses in the last four years – triple the number started by those aged 18 to 24. Not only that, older people who start their own businesses are more likely to succeed. You could be one of them.

Hi, I’m Suzanne Noble. A serial entrepreneur, I’d always done my own thing since leaving university. When I founded my tech start-up, Frugl, at the tender age of 53, I became increasingly aware of the lack of space in the working world for people over 50. I’d also become aware that a lot more over 50s didn’t want to work for someone else: they wanted to realise ideas and dreams they’d kept in the drawer.

In between my start-up and sleep, I co-founded a social enterprise that just happened to have a target audience of over 50s. Advantages of Age hosts events and challenges the stereotypical media narrative around age. Amongst the topics discussed in our rapidly expanding Facebook Group of over 3000 people, work is pretty salient. We have many entrepreneurs but we also have people who would if only they could. My goal is to help more over 50s realise their dream of becoming a business owner by drawing from my extensive network of business specialists and my own expertise to give you the confidence and knowledge you need to succeed.

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