Improve your Memory, Cognition – Useful Tips and Apps

Okay, the following list is designed to improve your memory, focus, attention, productivity and everything/anything to do with cognition.

1. Nootropics
Focus/Attention: L-Theanine + Caffeine
Memory: Bacopa Monnieri
Stress/Anxiety: Ashwaganda OR Phosphatedylserine
Health/support: Choline CDP, Magnesium, Vitamin B complex
Suggested vendor: Mindnutrition

2. Dual N=Back
This is a game you can download as an app for free. This app will improve IQ, decision making and memory with simply 20 minutes a day. Takes literally no time and with the results that it’s been linked to on a psychological level it is MORE than worth it.

3. Strict Workflow Extension
Pomodoro technique is a technique for time management and focus by Francesco Cirillo. Makes you focus on only ONE task at a time for a short interval repeated over and over.
Bonus: It also blocks out all the websites which distract you during these time frames e.g. Facebook

4. Brain.FM or
To keep it short and sweet, we have different brain waves responsible for different things (e.g. recovery, focus, creativity, decision making etc). Bineural beats is the term you may be familiar with and they are designed to put your brain into a higher brainwave closely associated to higher end focus, studying and memory.

5. OneTab Extension
Psychologically we don’t like mess, we don’t like having lots going on and it puts us into a slightly more anxious state of mind. That means when we have a million tabs open our brain interprets that as mess and being ‘busy’ rather than productive. One tab simply acts to condense them all so it’s not as overwhelming when working.

6. Brain Dump Idea’s By Hand
Similar to onetab, our brains need to be as empty as possible to focus on one task at a time. We can’t multi-task, not even you ladies (us men definitely can’t), so we need to write idea’s down and get them onto paper and see them visually to piece them back together.

On top of that, there is some suggestion that linking your thumb and index together when we write (like Buddha’s who meditate) is linked to one of the energy pathways in our body responsible for thinking/creativity…I don’t want to go all spiritual on you but it won’t exactly hurt you to simply write words.

7. Switch Off To Switch On
Our brain has TWO different states of working ‘diffuse’ and ‘concentrated’ our concentrated mind is where we spend 99% of the day consciously thinking/doing/selling etc. However the best ideas, our creative mind, is switched ON when we are NOT stimulated.

This is why going for walks, getting outside, having a shower, napping and stepping away from constantly ‘doing’ WILL help you overcome problems/issues in your business. Why do you think your best ideas come to you when you sleep/shower or in random situations…think Newton and the theory of gravity coming to him under a tree…..

8. Minimise Sugar
I know I said I wouldn’t talk nutrition, but this IS important. Basically if you constantly rely on sugar this causes a release of insulin however if this is chronic and you do it repetively day in day out you will DEPLETE nutrients such as magnesium, dopamine, zinc and potassium which are all important for memory, focus, attention and feeling good.
Not to mention an area of the brain known as the hippocampus which is mainly responsible with memory gets reduced in size with consumption of high sugar diets.

9. Calorie Restriction And Daily Activity
Again I won’t bang on about exercise/nutrition BUT we have something known as ‘Vitagenes’ which are responsible for cellular repair, protection and adaptation. It’s similar to wolff’s law of ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ and in order to make our brain/body become optimised we need to give it a stimulus which initiates this cascade of events.

Not so much that we burnout (so don’t go running any crazy marathons just because you read this article) but so that we hit the sweat spot and give our brain/body a reason to improve which is done by simply eating in a slight calorie deficit (basically so you feel relatively hungry) and being active.

10. Headspace App Or Buddhify
This is used to help you sleep better. Most of us probably try to get away with minimal sleep but problem is sleep is a non-negotiable subject and that means we NEED it. Think of sleep being the equivalent to petrol in your car alongside servicing/repair…it’s the mother transformer of a fully functional body.

These apps help you wind down quickly in order to sleep better.

11. Water Upon Rise
Okay I promise not to do any more nutrition/training pointers apart from this last one. You want energy? You want to start the day right? Have 500ml water (cold is better IMO) first thing before ANYTHING else you do in the day.

12. Work In Open Environments
Are brains are designed for survival/reproduction only remember. It is hardwired to be careful in dangerous situations (fight or flight) so you want to make sure that your working environment isn’t putting you into flight mode as that isn’t your most productive – you want to be in a relaxed/calm controlled state of mind.

Therefore; do not work in closed/small workspaces, avoid sharp objects nearby (such as in the kitchen), be in an open environment (big open office), have outdoor colours nearby, surround yourself with those in a positive mood.

13. Deep Breaths
If you’re anxious/stress then simply follow a quick technique of; breathing in for 3 seconds and out for 8 to calm down and restore heart rate back to normality.

Thanks to the amazing digital marketing guru Luke Nevill for these great tips. Check him out here.